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French Montana & Khloe Kardashian Interview With Angie Martinez

It’s soooooo HOT!! I feel like I’m back in Trinidad!! I need me some halal beer wallah

I showed my granny the Palestine protest video and she said they’re gonna lock me up lol. She was soooo mad and legit thought the government was gonna come take me and put me in a sleeper cell. I had to explain that people all over the world are protesting for peace and humanity and that it’s not a religious issue. I think I got through to her cuz at the end of the convo she just said “be careful” lol #FreeFilasteen #GrandparentsAreFunny

Poem For Palestine By Esra Chebli

I read this poem I wrote at the Eid dinner…..I had to take a few things out but here is the original..

I’m hustling the stories of slaughter.. that I begin to wonder, that death is screaming the loudest a voice couldn’t conquer why is nothing happening? how many souls sacrificed for these monsters… saunter the streets of Palestine…tell me what you would honor? money and power…or children being held down from there prideful postures.. You have an offer…either follow the truth or live lost with these Oscars, how much does it take to be thoughtful is the real question.. you can march these streets but our faith is the real weapon because everything happening in our ummah was already based upon gods discretion “Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way” before we appeal to heaven who is the witness? you really think a muslim was behind 911 Israel is the fitna! and now the truth will speak clearly as bombs rip through our tendants.. I am not a proud Canadian! and despise the evil and what they think science created.. im sure this is gods way of giving us just a minor lesson… within our ummah they have corrupted our adolecents but we had the choice….and still fed temptation that we became restless wondering why allah has plead you depression.. we slack prayers we slack duaa we should only say free Palestine in the name of Allah now don’t give me a round of applause… they say democracy! but thats apart of the job.. if you call this freedom, I call this fraud! and if you call this reason…I call to god because i dont trust there dirty palms… yes i see your claws… but this rock you tease us with will surprise you when it begins to talk You dirty cowards! and i will say it until the day i stand before your shots! when i call freedom I mean im ready to fight when I call freedom..I mean quit the backbites and lets stand together point is….we celebrate this day reminding ourselves that we still embrace our celebration keeping the children suffering in our ummah in our hearts

Written by Esra Chebli

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▲ U K H T I S ▲

This Vietnamese lady just told me I look like I just came out of the Sahara Desert. Loll Not sure if it’s cuz I look like a Bedouin or cuz I look thirsty lol. 😐

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"White privileged is finding your name on a Coke bottle."

- kingofhispaniola

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I woke up to this text from my mom. Sub7anallah! The only one in my family to wish me happy Eid and who better than the one who birthed me. May Allah guide her loving heart to Islam. (please say ameen)

Today was the hottest day ever and I was hot and sticky and just felt like the only thing I needed was a shower. So I hopped up in that b*tch and put the water on the hottest setting. That’s when it hit me that I’m a complete psychopath. I mean really who showers in boiling hot water when it’s unbearably hot outside??

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 U K H T I S 

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a-little-outlandish asked: Eid Mubarak!!!<333333333

Eid Kareem habibti!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

That feeling you get when Christians tell you “Eid Mubarak” 😁 #Love

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عيد مبارك تقبل الله منا و منكم EID MUBARAK MAY ALLAH ACCEPT FROM US AND YOU

this was a message i got on whatsapp from my Algerian bro :) thought i’d share it with you all..Eid Mubarak y’all!

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Immortal Technique is such a G wallah👌


Soooo many people came out for the rally yesterday and I’m so proud of my fellow Edmontonians! Please share this video and spread awareness about Palestine!

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