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"They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, I say b*tch stop copying me."


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"I think men are becoming more and more feminine by the day. You got guys with man bags, tight jeans outlining every curve, waxing their brows, taking paternity leave to stay home with the kids while the wife goes off to work etc.., all I can say is these are the signs of the times."

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"It’s Scorpio season bishes!"


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Why does Aljazeera’s logo look like a one-eyed caricature made of calligraphy?

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"There are two types of Muslims I can’t stand: extremists and those with bad manners. These people not only turn non Muslims off of Islam but they push Muslims further away from the deen as well."

- mizzhabibi

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Everytime I go to the library I peruse the Languages aisle and stop at the Arabic section. I stand mystified and sometimes I’ll even open a book and lovingly pass my fingers over the words. One day I’m going to have a mini library in my house and have my very own Arabic section that I’ll be able to read fluently. One day. || #EPL #YEG #Arabic #Books #Goals #Inspiration #Motivation #Muslim (at EPL)
The sexiness is too much to handle. *lowers gaze*





a collage I made of all the recent “columbusing”. Like when white people “discovered” du-rags, Timberlands, cornrows and big butts. lol

This is hilarious 😩


"timberlands are the new birkinstock"

*..eyebrow raise..* dafaq


Halal champagne?

I posted a pic earlier today of me at Ikea holding two bottles. The caption said “Copping that halal champagne/wine. Shoutout to the hijabis behind me.” Now, apparently some people can’t read, don’t know the meaning of halal or just wanted to start sh*t. Let me set the record straight.

1. IKEA doesn’t sell alcohol you jackasses.

2. I just put out a YouTube vid on my conversion to Islam and disclosed that I haven’t touched alcohol since converting. Do you really think I’d be posting a pic promoting drinking???

3. What does halal mean? It means something that is lawful for us right? Well alcohol isn’t lawful for us but there are things like beer or champagne that they are now making non-alcoholic. I’ve been referring to non-alcoholic drinks as “halal” from time so why the fuss? What good is it to send me hate mail and carry on over something so futile?

4. Why the f*ck are you so quick to assume and jump to conclusions? Would it kill you to ask and/or advise privately?

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Copping that halal champagne/wine at #IKEA. Shoutout to the random hijabis behind me😆. || #tbt #halalturnup (at Ikea)

❤ Putting out some Thursday morning love into the air. Did you catch it? ;)

Loll Tisbah ala khair ya muslimeen

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