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Malcolm X || This is a must see. For those of you who haven’t read the book or seen the movie I urge you to do so. || #tbt #malcolmx #muslim #black (at ☝️)

jusstmuslimthings the book is entitled “The autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley” 

diamonds make-up remover wipes are a girls best friend.

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Shoutout to the people who set 5-10 alarms on their cellphones and sometimes that’s still not enough to get ur azz outta bed.

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الحمد الله

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Aunt Fee got ppl going crazy with that sink chicken. I’m ‘bout to do up some shake n bake chicken in my bathtub and dance around in it with my feet. What y’all think yay or nay?

Balance my dear. Balance.
A little (shway shway lol) Arabic inspiration from my pen to your heart. ❤️


Hijabi Car Cam Chronicles

I swear whoever the bored person was to come up with putting banana on peanut butter was a damn genius. #itsabouttogodownnnnn #foodislove

"History is fascinating to me. It shows me that no matter how many centuries we put between dates, human nature remains the same."

- mizzhabibi

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sorandom007 asked: Mashallah you have a nice blog 😄👏

shukran albi <3 ;)